Sunday, March 21, 2010

Useful inventions #1

Having given up hope of ever winning the lottery, I was pondering a few ideas this weekend that could turn into winners and produce the millions I’m sure, deep down, the universe wants to give me.

Here’s the first one: crotch protectors for women’s swimsuits! Awesome idea! I just know you’re all nodding your head in agreement!

In case there’s a woman reading this who doesn’t have a six year old child training for a swimming diploma who needs to practice swimming underwater for nine meters and then going through your legs, picture this. Standing spread-legged in the pool, your girly-bits protected by nothing but a thin piece of lycra, as a blond torpedo races towards you with wildly kicking feet. This invention would save me embarrassing myself (again) by looking like I’m clutching myself in the pool.
I can’t wait until he gets this damned diploma.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Niels 2nd piano recital

Last night Niels music teacher called up to inform me that Niels second piano recital would take place at a different location. What piano recital?? Apparently Number 1 hadn't thought to mention it to me.
However he's been keeping up with his practice, so it wasn't too much of a drama. Here he is banging away on the ivories. It went well and he was a unphased as ever. A cool customer.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Hitting Puberty Young

One of the coolest presents Carl got for his birthday - or at least the one that's so far been the most fun - was a kids shaving set. With a bottle of 'shaving foam'  and a blade-less razor, he and Niels have been practising their techniques every night before bath time. In perfect imitation of their father, they spread the foam, run a basin of hot water ("if it's not hot it won't be a smooth shave Mum"), and proceed to remove their imaginary whiskers.

Lets'  see if they find it just as much fun once they hit puberty.