Sunday, December 17, 2006's a SNAKE!

Yes it finally happened. While out exploring park with the kids, Dad and Maureen we came across our very first snake. Now I have known for some time that there are snakes living in Singapore but was quite happy never to have actually met any face-to-face. There we were, walking past a brick wall in Labrador Park, when Niels casually said “hey, there’s a snake”. There with its head nestled in a drainage pipe its tail hanging out was a very beautiful black and white patterned snake. It had a yellow pattern on its head and was about 1 metre long, but quite thin - about as thick as a man’s thumb I guess. Obviously possessing a great sense of occasion it obligingly uncurled itself and gracefully slid vertically up the wall, giving us plenty of time to admire it and take photos. So behold, our first serpent encounter.
This will be my last entry for a while as we are flying to Holland tonight for Christmas. We’ll be back in the New Year, no doubt hanging out for sunshine and well stuffed with yummy Dutch Xmas goodies.
Have a great festive season everyone, I’ll be in touch in 2007!