Sunday, December 04, 2011


Hubby has a good friend who is a Loading Master/Mooring Master in Equatorial Guinea. For those of you (like me) who are geographically challenged, that's off the west coast of Africa. He enjoys his job but it's a challenging region, to say the least. On the equator, the ratio of humans to nasty creatures you'd really rather not meet is seriously in favour of the reptiles/insects/parasites/bacteria. Every now and again he sends us a photo of something truly...unique...and this is the latest. His (edited to prevent any akwardness) description follows:

"Hi Holger, thought you might want to show this to the kids at home.It was taken 1st thing in the morning in *** (1 mile from here) a couple of weeks ago. Its not a wind-up."

All I can add is that every time I look at this photo I get goose-bumps and feel slightly nausuous. Frankly, it's made me think the cockroaches in Singapore weren't so bad after all.