Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Open Wide!

So that's how it's done...this is Carl enjoying a traditional Dutch treat, a herring. Actually it's a raw herring. As I undersand it, the fish monger basically deheads, guts and scales the fish, and removes the bones. It's then eaten either like this, bite by bite, or if you're feeing slightly less daring, on fresh white bread sprinkled with finely chopped onions. Mmmmm, that would have to be a major Listerine moment!

Carl loves them and he and his Dad often share one for lunch in the weekend. He had me take this photo to email to Holger who was offshore in Brazil at the time, to make him jealous. Go figure!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Are Those Whiskers Frozen...Or Are You Just Pleased to See Me?

"Yez, you may admire ze magnifizent whiskers....
 Yes, it's snowing again. It was one of those Sunday mornings when you stumble out of bed semi-conscious, open the curtains and fall back into bed from the sheer shock of the blinding whiteness outside. Perfect excuse to bury your head under the covers and sleep another half hour. At least, that's my response to snow.

Once I had braced myself with sufficient coffee it was time to venture out and join the bunnies in the back yard, clear the paths and dig out the car. Actually I quite like clearing the snow; it's a nice way to slowly wake up for the day, clearing neat little paths to the garage, the gates, and the footpaths around the section. Top priority is a 'thinking spot' for Punky Muffin and Dumpling to plop their butts; they dont'mind playing in snow but prefer not to sit in it.

Dumpling still gets a kick out of digging in it and was soon covered in snow, his whiskers caked. They don't feel the cold - it only snows between about 3 and -1 degrees - and it's obvious how well insultated they are because flakes landing on the fur are easily shaken off and don't tend to melt, so they stay dry. Here's some pics of my snow bunnies having fun. Enjoy!

Action Bunny flees the scene!